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3rd & Bird is the main setting in the series of the same name. It is a treetop community in which birds, worms and other creatures reside.


3rd & Bird is a large tree with many branches. On most branches, a character's house is placed. Mr. Beakman's schoolhouse is located in the centre of the tree. In the top left corner of the tree, there is a wooden chair. On the branch below this, a hanging birdhouse and a bird feeder are found. To the side of these is Missy's pear house. Below this is the branch on which the Lovebird House is situated. In the top right corner, Quinn's windmill can be seen. Below his house is Mrs. Billingsley's. On the branch below her home is Rudy's trailer. Outside of Rudy's home is a tire swing and a ladder. Under the tree is a patch of land where a rabbit resides. To the side of the community is a sign. One side of the sign reads "3rd" and the other reads "Bird." Between the two words is an ampersand.



3rd & Bird is visited in every episode of the 3rd & Bird series. It was first visited in the pilot, though this episode was never aired. Its first visit in an aired episode was in Fly Muffin! and its final visit was in Jamaica!.

The 3rd & Bird sign

3rd & Bird in the Taiwan PTS website