3rd & Bird Wiki

3rd & Bird doesn't have many dubs, only a few, sadly, most of these dubs are lost.

English (US)

From 2012 until 2014, a US dub of 3rd & Bird aired on Disney Junior, we only have the theme song, bumpers and that's it.


Sometime in 2010, a Greek dub of the show aired on ET1 and NET.

A guy named NoMoreSeed recorded many episodes, but sadly, the links to those episodes don't work anymore.

We still have photos of the airings, however.


Sometime in 2012, a Hebrew dub premiered on Hop!

The only things we have of the Hebrew dub are a Facebook post from Hop! and the cast on Ishim.

Since piracy is most likely very strict in Israel, none of the episodes were recorded.


In 2010, an Italian dub aired on Playhouse Disney Italy, Rai 3 and Rai Gulp.

The cast is available on this Italian website.


A Korean dub of 3rd & Bird called 꼬마 새 머핀 aired on EBS (Which is the only channel in the world where both Wonder Pets and Little Einsteins aired alongside TV5 in the Philippines).

26 episodes are available on Filecast, but money is required to access them.

Mandarin (China)

A Chinese dub of 3rd & Bird called 小鸟3号 aired on CCTV 14 and Taiwan's PTS.

The ending credits have been recorded, and there is also a trailer of the Chinese dub, and all episodes in Chinese can be found on the Chinese streaming platform Tencent Video, as well as CCTV's website.


A Polish dub aired on CBeebies in Poland.

This dub premiered sometime in 2009.

The episode titles and the cast are on Dubbingpedia.

European Portuguese

A European Portuguese dub titled A Rua dos Pássaros aired on RTP2 on the ZigZag block. Sadly, no one recorded this dub.

Spanish (Latin America)

This dub aired on CBeebies Latin America and Disney Junior via SAP.

This dub is completely lost aside from the intro.


A Swedish dub named Fågelvägen 3 aired on SVT Barn in Sweden.


There was a Vietnamese dub which some of the intro is found aside from a promo.

Other than that, this dub is completely lost.