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Samuel Lovebird

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Samuel Lovebird
Lovebird House
Speaking voice
Sam Lewis
First appearance
Pilot (unaired)
Fly Muffin! (aired)
Last appearance
Muffin (sister)
Mr. Lovebird (father)
Mrs. Lovebird (mother)

Samuel Lovebird is the protagonist of 3rd & Bird, a five-year-old green lovebird. He is voiced by Sam Lewis.


Samuel is dependable young bird who tries his best to show his younger sister, Muffin, how to be responsible in the outside world. He is Muffin's best role model, despite his occasional mistakes. Samuel can often be found at his best friend Rudy's trailer, where the two play traditional children's games such as marbles. Rudy is more outgoing than Samuel, who in comparison seems quite reserved.

CBeebies.com Description

"A five-­year old who always tries to plan things out but often needs the help of his friends when things go wrong. He is green and wears a blue hat."


Samuel lives in the Lovebird house, located on a tree branch (like the rest of the buildings in the series).


Samuel's feathers are mostly a bright green shade (with the tips of his wings a bluer hue). His chest and face are covered in peach-coloured feathers. His beak is bright red and his eyes are turquoise (with black pupils). Samuel's tail is blue, ending in a few black feathers. His feet, each with three talons, are a light lavender.


Samuel appears in every episode of 3rd & Bird, most of which he is the main focus. He first appeared in the unaired pilot (his first official appearance was in Fly Muffin!) and his final appearance was in the series finale, Jamaica!.



  • Samuel is the only character to sing alone during the theme song. He also has the most lines by far.
  • Samuel's first name is the same as that of his voice actor, Sam Lewis.
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